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Anonymous asked: louis' shit at singing though lmao


lmao he carries every chorus, he sets the pitch, his tenor is what makes them special, he’s the backbone for their harmonies, his range is huge, his voice is strong enough that in the you and I acapella it could be heard over everyone else and it was his voice echoing around the venue, he consistently nails his live solos, they gave him valerie to sing during UAN lmao.

His voice is unique, and without it one direction would just sound like any other band. It’s his voice that gives them an edge. Put the other four together and it would sound good, but there are things they can’t do that louis can.

Just wanted to say like from a professional singers perspective (I’ve been singing for 14 years) one direction would NOT be as successfully musically without Louis. Like they do this thing in the recording studio where they double a track to give the record more depth; essentially to fill it up. Louis IS the double track in the band, he’s the depth. Their harmonies would sound broken and empty without him. He’s like the clothesline that they hang all of their pins on and each pin is a harmony.”