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Louis Tomlinson fanboying over David Beckham
Who We Are: Audiobook

Obviously, I’m a massive football fan and I’ve always idolized David Beckham. [I] just think he’s the coolest guy ever. Two, three lads met him before me and they had pictures with him, right?, and I just saw these pictures on Twitter! I was like, “What’s going on, boys?” They looked to have met David, y’know. Becks?

But, anyway, I did get to meet him in the end when I went to the Class of 92’ premiere. And, I’m just— rubbish. I was trying to be cool. But, you just can’t. I mean, what do you say that’s remotely impressive to David Beckham, y’know?

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@niallhoran: This is what ya call ‘cabin fever’ , this is what happens when you are in a hotel all day without fresh air ! Hahahahahah Liam has gone mental !

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beware friends.

your dash may look somewhat like this this morning if you weren’t online last night:


if you are interested in the Azoff stuff (and this time around, perhaps you should be), I’ve tried to reblog the key stuff and put it all together here. There are a couple round-up posts, and all the important pictures.

adventure freely! put that on a cake. you shall understand soon

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